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I have received over five-hundred positive reviews from my students at Udemy and TakeLessons—the overwhelming majority being five-star reviews.

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By Logan M. on 8/23/2018

Dan is great! He’s very friends and engaging and has helped me make big improvements in my voice in a small amount of time.

By Charlie on 7/26/2018

Dan is wonderful with our twin 11 year olds. He quickly got them very engaged and enthused to sing.

By Delon P. on 7/23/2018

Very friendly and professional.
Step by step detailed instructions for young age beginner.

By Georgia on 12/5/2018

My daughter is enjoying her lessons! Dan is great. 

By Junho on 11/9/2018

Great first lesson! I’m super happy with how much I got out of my very first lesson. Looking forward to future lessons.

By Minh N. on 9/15/2018

I have zero music background. After a lesson with Dan, the amount of knowledge that I learned from him makes a huge different of what I can do after just 1 lesson. I can’t wait for more lessons. Dan is also very friendly and knowledgeable. 

By Grace T. on 1/7/2020

I was impressed with my first lesson with Dan. He adjusted lessons according to my needs. Will continue to take lessons with him. Thank you. 

By Rick C. on 3/20/2020

Dan is awesome! Love his teaching technique. 

By Logan M. on 1/31/2019

Dan is an incredible coach. I enjoyed the lessons I took with him and learned alot. I look forward to working with Dan in the future.

By Viviann on 5/4/2017

Dan is a great teacher. Very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and easy to work with.

By Daniel C. on 4/15/2017 

Dan has been a lot of fun - and he is definitely pushing my skills. I'm getting better week by week and his input and guidance is really valuable. It has been a combination of classical and learning to play by ear too.

By Lea G. on 4/8/2017

It was wonderful Lea really like her lesson and can't wait till the next one. Dan is great at teaching her and she understands what he is telling her. Thanks Dan. Truly happy.

By Andy on 6/2/2017

Dan is a very good instructor and coach ... I'm making satisfying progress.

By Jaclyn on 5/16/2017

I can't say enough about Dan. I was nervous signing up my 5-year-old for singing lessons online because I didn't think it would be engaging enough to keep his attention. Dan is not only engaging, but patient and and works great with my child. Thank you Dan!


By Jonathan L. on 5/6/2017

Dan is a great teacher who pay attention to details and take lot of efforts to make proper different arrangements for my two boys who are at different levels of skills. As my son Jonathan mentioned, Dan makes piano lesson lots of fun!

By Hannah on 6/30/2017

Dan is a very energetic and dynamic instructor. He uses clear analogies to explain his reasoning in terms my daughter could understand. Looking forward to learning lots more from Dan!

By Vlad on 6/13/2017

Great instructor. His goal is for you to succeed and understand effectively.

By Andy on 6/2/2017

Dan is a very good instructor and coach ... I'm making satisfying progress.

By Mich ta on 10/16/2017

Dan is an amazing teacher. He makes class fun and is very patient with a beginner like me. In just a few lessons he has helped me improve tremendously. My husband even noticed and commented how better my singing is. If you are unsure, book him and you will be glad you do!

By Emily Zachariasen on 9/7/2017

He is the best voice teacher ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Theresa D. on 7/16/2017

I had my first singing lesson with Dan in person, and he was awesome. Already, I can tell I have found a very good teacher to help me on this new journey.

By Daniel C. on 5/16/2018

Dan is an awesome instructor - and teaches not just from the music but from the heart. It's not only the mechanics but the ART - and Artistic presentation of music counts!!!

By Glen on 2/9/2018 

I intend to study more with Dan in the future. He is focused, insightful,
and passionate about communication through music and about helping
others to find our most authentic voice. Lessons with Dan have been wonderful.

By Angela B. on 11/20/2017

Very helpful and super fun personality!!

By Emiliya on 7/6/2018

Very kind, and intuitive , knows how to approach working with children . Pleasant , funny and inspiring at the same time .

By Paul on 5/24/2018

Although Dan has extensive experience with professional singers as well as choir, he is a great teacher for beginners as well. I am learning a lot and enjoying every lesson.

By Stephanie on 5/16/2018

Dan is a fantastic teacher. He listens to my questions and answers them clearly. Dan is very patient while I learn and challenges me to keep advancing. I would highly recommend Dan.