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Off the Big Tech Grid

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

I am concerned that Big Tech have jumped on the cancel-culture bandwagon. The red flag was when they made the president of the U.S.A. go dark and removed a competitor social network from the web. So, I am on an experimental quest, to see how to avoid Big Tech's near-monopoly, and test out and see which alternatives work the best for me. This perpetual blog post will be updated frequently. Topics I Plan to Cover: 1. Hardware 2. Operating System 3. Browser 4. Search Engine 5. Website Host 6. Email Host 7. Social Media 8. E-Commerce 9. Other Software

Spoiler alert: I will not be avoiding Big Tech entirely. This is not a boycott. Rather, it is about using the products and services that best balance functionality, safety, and ethics.

What I want to accomplish with Off-The-Big-Tech-Grid

  1. I want big tech’s market share to decrease, and alternative tech’s market share to increase.

  2. I want to avoid supporting products that de-platform or “fact check” conservatives.

  3. I realize it will not be practical to make the full switch immediately, but that it will be a gradual transition over time.

First task: Picking Hardware

Before I get to Operating System, Browser, and Search Engine, I need to evaluate the best devices to use these on. Here, the potential categories are Desktop Computer, Laptop, Tablet, and Phone. For all three categories, Apple comes out as the clear winner.

While Apple is no saint, Apple is far, far better than Google (which has no respect for our privacy or civil liberties). I like Apple's superb build, durability, safety, battery, software (such as Logic Pro X and Final Cut Pro), and Apple still has some resemblance of respect for our privacy and civil liberties (where Google has none). Yes, they're expensive, but as I work a lot with music & video production, it's worth it for me, and if you do not want to support Google, it may be worth it for you.

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