A Good Friday Concert featuring music and drama, with reflections on suffering.

faithc is a collective of worship leaders and musical artists from different churches in greater Tacoma. 
We share our passion for telling the Christian story through musical productions. Dark Night of the Soul is our first collaboration.
  faithc is directed by Dan Hegelund. 
Dan has performed in venues such as the presidential palace of Kiev, before the Latvian government, and on televised talent show, Clash of the Choirs. He is assembling a cast of talented performers, young and old, professional and aspiring. Dark Night of the Soul is faithc's first musical project featuring music and drama with reflections on suffering.

FREE CONCERT: 7 pm on Good Friday, April 10th, at Tacoma Faith, 626 N Skyline Dr, 98406 Tacoma.

 Canceled due to the Coronavirus. 

If you have any questions contact Dan at dan@tacomafaith.com. We hope to see you Good Friday at 7 pm at Tacoma Faith, 626 N Skyline Dr, 08466 Tacoma. Entrance is Free. 

Dan Hegelund

Worship Leader
at Tacoma Faith

“I look forward to this opportunity for musicians of various backgrounds to collaborate and be creative together.”

Dee Dee Shirkey

Worship Leader
at Christ The King Bible Fellowship

“I'm excited for the opportunity to create an eclectic sound with an amazing group of singers and musicians.”

Nadiya Karalash

Worship Leader
at El Shaddai Ministries

“I am glad to take part of this project and hopefully shed some light on one of the most prominent questions of humanity.”

Ferdi Liauwardo

Lead Guitarist
at Calvary Chapel

“Let's remember the great, amazing, and wonderful masterpiece of the salvation work of our Creator.”

Jay Solberg

Electric Guitarist at Tacoma Faith

“It is a delight to honor the Lord in spirit and truth with the musical talents of other believers.”

Karla Sullens

Percussionist at Tacoma Faith

“It is a privilege to serve for God's glory and to worship Him with a whole heart.”

Luke Hegelund

Drummer at Tacoma Faith

“I am excited to be part of this opportunity, and I know it's just a small part of God's plan to spread the gospel to all nations.”

Artist Performing on Stage


Drums Sticks
Guitar Close Up
Playing an electric guitar
Choir Performing


Dan Hegelund is an award-winning vocal coach and piano teacher. Dan's resume includes studio recordings, Radio- and TV broadcasts, and concerts in venues such as the Presidential Palace of Ukraine, the Latvian Cabinet, the nationally televised talent show, ‘Clash Of The Choirs’, Christmas Spectacular, Coca-Cola Holiday Caravan, Northwest Folklife Festival, and Leavenworth’s 50th Anniversary Christmas Lighting Festival.

Some of Dan's students have been finalists in televised talent shows and now enjoy professional music careers.

Whether you are a beginner or virtuoso— with Dan Hegelund you will receive unparalleled, professional, and masterful classes. Do not miss this opportunity to learn from an award-winning expert in his field. 


E-mail: dan@faithc.org

Phone: 425-444-2081


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