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WELCOME TO FAITHC—A Conduit for Christianity & Conservatism in Coeur D'Alene.

Faithc, founded in 2020, is a family ministry contributing to the good of our community through choirs, concerts, courses, classes, church, and a coffee house.

I invite you to be a part of the faithc community.

Dan Hegelund

PI-101, Top 10 Classical Piano Pieces for Beginners

Level 1
Classical Piano


✓Play 10 famous and beautiful piano pieces for Beginners by composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven, and Antonín Dvořák.
✓Learn all you need to start playing the piano, including learning about clefs, notes, and scales.

✓Plus, learn my favorite piano exercises that will greatly enhance your piano skills.

✓Press "Play Video" to get started.

Week 1—Clefs, Notes, and Scales

Week 1—Clefs, Notes, and Scales
PI-101, Lesson 1, Names of fingers and keys
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PI-101, Lesson 2, How to read notes
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PI-101, Lesson 3, Scales
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Lessons 1-3 above taught you some basic skills. Now, we're ready to move on to your first song. Here is how it works: First I teach you the right hand, then the left hand, and finally both hands together. 

The videos contain the sheet music in them, so you won't need a PDF; however, if you still would like sheet music, below each video there is a download button. Good luck!