When Jesus ascended to Heaven, He assured us that we were not alone. We have a Comforter and Helper, willing and able to help us, called the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God is alive and well, and someone you can and have personal relationship with. In this course we show you how. 

The free course found right here on this page will teach you who the Holy Spirit is, in 48 short 10-minute lessons for early elementary. To get started, scroll down and press "Play Video." Each week contains 4 lessons.

Before taking this course, I recommended that you first complete 'CH-101, Christianity Level 1 for Beginners' found here.

Good luck!

Dan Hegelund

CH-201, Learn the Transformative Power of the Holy Spirit

Level 2 
Early Elementary


✓The Holy Spirit is God with us here and now.
✓You were never meant to face life on your own. The Holy Spirit is the missing ingredient that makes all the difference in your life. 

✓Getting to know the Holy Spirit is perhaps the most vital and life-changing experience known to man.

✓Press "Play Video" to get started.

Lessons 1-4 above established some basic principles. (Btw, you reach lesson 4 by clicking "Next" in the bottom right corner of the video player). Now, we're ready to move on to some deeper ideas.

When Jesus walked the earth, what was His relationship with the Holy Spirit? We will learn how Jesus and the Holy Spirit flow together in union, demonstrating to us what that looks like.

Wasn't it inspiring to watch Jesus' reliance on the Holy Spirit. If even He relied on the Spirit's input, how much more do we?

You and I have a will, but did you know that God also has a will? God's will doesn't override our free will; it enhances it. Because God knows exactly what we want from life, He can guide us on a path that will get us there in harmony with His will. 

It is like a dance. A union. If you follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, you have divine providence in your life.

When talking about the Holy Spirit, Jesus often used symbols, such as  water, wind, or fire. These symbols can teach us something about what the Holy Spirit is like. 

I once had a teacher who said, "It's easier caught than taught." I think the Holy Spirit falls in that category. The best way to learn who the Holy Spirit is, is by the Holy Spirit teaching you. Will you let Him?

Let's look a closer at some more symbols, and what they can teach about God's Spirit.

Congratulations! You have come far. Let's not stop now. We have a few more symbols to explore. Each symbol shows us a fresh perspective of the Spirit of God. 

Now let's dig a bit deeper. Jesus said that we must be born by the Spirit. What did he mean by that? He also talked about being baptized by the spirit. Let's find out.