Christianity is the world's biggest religion by far. Whether you are a Christian or not, spending a few weeks to learn what Christianity teaches will only make you wiser. You see, even an atheist ought to know what it is they don't believe. There is no virtue in being ignorant. And if you are a believer, you have all the more reason to discover what it is you have begun to believe. 

The free course found right here on this page will teach you what Christianity is, in 48 short 10-minute lessons for beginners. To get started, scroll down and press "Play Video." Each week contains 4 lessons.

Good luck!

Dan Hegelund

CH-101, Learn the Transformative Principles of Christianity

Level 1


✓Christianity is the largest and fastest growing religion in the world.
✓Jesus was admired for his wisdom by religious leaders and by atheist philosophers alike. 

✓In today's twitter culture, learning some spiritual insight may be just what the doctor ordered.

✓Press "Play Video" to get started.

Lessons 1-4 above taught you some basic Christian principles. (Btw, you reach lesson 4 by clicking "Next" in the bottom right corner of the video player). Now, we're ready to move on to some deeper ideas.

Who is God? Why does He want us to repent? And what is the idea behind baptism? Jesus got baptized and wanted His followers to get baptized, too. Let's find out what's so special abut baptism.

Well done. Next, In just a few lessons you will learn all you need, to let go of your shame and guilt and receive God's mercy and grace.

Guilt is feeling bad about what you have done. Shame is feeling bad about who you are. Mercy is when you do not receive the consequences you deserve. Grace is when you receive the blessings you don't deserve. 

Let's begin!

Now that you have learned how much God loves you, it's time to learn about the most life-changing gift God has for you—the Gift of the Holy Spirit. 

Congratulations! You have come far. Now let's dig a bit deeper. In Week 5, we look at the difference between Self-Centeredness and Christ-Centeredness, and how to renew your mind. 

Now that you've learned the importance of renewing your mind the Word, it's time to look at a most wonderful Gift: Healing. Yes, God wants to heal your body and soul. Whether it is physical healing or psychological healing, God has the healing power that you need to be well.

Love is the greatest gift of all. But sometimes we learn about love from all the wrong places. The honest truth is that Hollywood, the Media, and the Government can't teach you what love is. You must go straight to the source. God is Love and only God can teach you how to be in a genuinely loving relationship. In Week 7 we will start by looking at Marriage.