Post Falls Gospel Choir is a mixed choir for adults, in the style of Maverick City. SAB, i.e. Soprano, Alto, and Baritone. We sing primarily contemporary choir music (songs composed in the last 50 years).

To join Post Falls Gospel Choir is to go on a musical journey through history, geography, genres, and art. History—singing old and new songs. Geography—trying music from around the world. Genres—exploring pop, jazz, gospel, and everything else. Art—expressing choir music in all its facets, nuances, and creativity. 

Whether you are an experienced singer or new to singing, join Dan Hegelund for this musical banquet. We sing music that inspires, encourages, and soothes the soul. Bring a little joy to our community by signing up for Post Falls Gospel Choir. 


Unlike the Children, Youth, and Performance choir which will begin February, the Gospel Choir will not begin for a while. But please send me an e-mail to let me know that you are interested. When I have a sizable group of interested  singers we start.

Choir Tuition: yet to be determined.
 90 minute classes.


Dan Hegelund has 30 years experience directing pop & gospel choirs.

For now, simply send an e-mail to dan@faithc.org and I will send you further details. 

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