Is the education you will receive at FaithC really as good as what you would receive from a private teacher?

It really depends on the the quality of the teacher and the learning style of the student. Dan Hegelund knows how to take a student from complete beginner to advanced level. He has won many awards and brings an expertise and talent that most music teachers cannot match. Likewise, many students like being able to watch, rewind, pause, and rewatch a lesson, and enjoy the visual aid of recorded lessons. We have received hundreds of 5-star reviews, so evidently many students seem to prefer our teaching method. 

How much will I save by choosing FaithC compared to private lessons?

FaithC will save you thousands of dollars compared to a traditional music education. All our beginner courses are free. Our Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced courses cost $39. That's about $1/lesson. Compare that to private lessons which cost anything from $60 to $350 per hour. Let's compare:

Scenario 1: John and Mary want to give two of their children music lessons for 9 months. Total: 9 (months) x $300 (tuition) x 2 (children) = $5400. Luckily, they found Concert Musician. Our Total: 3 courses (101, 201, and 301) x 2 = $156. Savings $5244. That was just nine months. Imagine three years, or five.  

Scenario 2: Tom always wanted to learn how to sing well. He is surprised when he learns that the local vocal coach charges $350/hour. Tom thinks it may be worth it. Then he learns that FaithC, offers a singing course for free. By opting for FaithC, Tom saved thousands of dollars.

If our product is so good, why do we make our courses so affordable?


All we do is made possible by our wonderful sponsors & partners. Thank you! 

How often will courses be released?


We plan to launch a new course every 2-3 months. We will start by focusing on piano lessons, then we will branch out to vocals and other instruments. Be patient. We are a family business, so a course per 2-3 months is about as fast as we can produce them. Feel free to suggest content at dan@faithc.org.

Where do I find the FREE piano course?

Our free piano course, with 12-weeks content, is found here.

Where do I find the sequel courses?

Our Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced courses are found here.

What does each level stand for?

Level 1, or 101, is for Beginners.

Level 2, or 201, is for Early Elementary. 

Level 3, or 301, is for Late Elementary. 

Level 4, or 401, is for Early Intermediate.

Level 5, or 501, is for Late Intermediate.

Level 6, or 601, is for Early Advanced.

Level 7, or 701, is for Late Advanced.

I suggest that you take each course chronologically and that you begin with Beginner (even if you are not a beginner).