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More than 30,000 students have taken our FREE piano course, PI-101, writing over 600 positive reviews.


Welcome to FaithC. We offers several free and paid, online and in-person courses & classes.

Courses usually consist of either  36 or 48 lessons that you study online by yourself at your own pace. An example of a course is PI-101: Pianist Level 1 for Beginners.


Classes takes place at a certain time & place together with other participants. An example of a class is Alpha: Exploring Life, Faith, and Meaning.

Piano Lesson

PI-101: Pianist Level 1 for Beginners

Learn to play 10 of the most beautiful, famous classical piano pieces for beginners. 



For children ages (able to read) and above,  directed by Dan Hegelund in the style of One Voice Children’s Choir. Rehearsal: Thursdays, 1:30–2:30 pm at River Tech Elementary.


River Tech Elementary & Homeschool Resource Center

At River Tech you can either enroll in our full K–6 program or you can pick & choose the classes you want. With competency-based learning, each child learns at their own pace, while also having the benefits of a positive social environment.


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Summer Family Dinner

Alpha: Exploring Life, Faith, and Meaning

A fun class where you can relax, laugh, eat, and explore the big questions of life.



CH-101: Christianity Level 1 for Beginners

48 short video-lessons spanning 12 weeks will teach your the foundations of the Christian faith.



CH-201: Christianity Level 2 for Early Elementary

Building on your knowledge acquired in CH-101, we dive into the topic of the Holy Spirit, with 36 new video-lessons. 


Girl Band B&W

SI-101: Vocalist Level 1 for Beginners

Learn some of the most easy & effective techniques to improve your singing.

FREE—ONLINE COURSE (Coming March 2021)

PI-201, Lvl 2, Piano

$30 / Month

Early Elementary Pianist

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Level 1, or 101, is for Beginners. 

Level 2, or 201, is for Early Elementary. 

Level 3, or 301, is for Late Elementary. 

Level 4, or 401, is for Early Intermediate.

Level 5, or 501, is for Late Intermediate.

Level 6, or 601, is for Early Advanced.

Level 7, or 701, is for Late Advanced.

Our beginner courses are free. Our other courses are affordable.



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Dan Hegelund is an award-winning vocal coach and piano teacher. Dan's resume includes studio recordings, Radio- and TV broadcasts, and concerts in venues such as the Presidential Palace of Ukraine, the Latvian Cabinet, the nationally televised talent show, ‘Clash Of The Choirs’, Christmas Spectacular, Coca-Cola Holiday Caravan, Northwest Folklife Festival, and Leavenworth’s 50th Anniversary Christmas Lighting Festival.

Some of Dan's students have been finalists in televised talent shows and now enjoy professional music careers.

Whether you are a beginner or virtuoso— with Dan Hegelund you will receive unparalleled, professional, and masterful classes. Do not miss this opportunity to learn from an award-winning expert in his field.


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